like why? dude, if something i learned in this life is not to judge someone, but WHY you would make a fucking “gay theme convention”? i think it really have no reason to exist, I’M GAY and I’M  a gamer but….. i srsly think this is bullshit, its like you gonna make GIRLSCON too? 

I feel like The LGTB comunity sometimes WANT to be apart of the “”Normal society”“, dudes…we are FUCKING normal, and you r only making the “difference” more noticeable.. like “No you can’t treat gays like you treat a straight guy”

I do NOT support this Con…. still Looks like a rly BAD idea!

What so many people say is “You gays want to be normal, but you run around having parades and celebrations about your gayness” and I’m just sitting here questioning why that’s bad? Why is it wrong to take pride in who you are and celebrate yourself with other people who are like you? Should all the black people just hush hush and not celebrate black history month? It’s not about separation, it’s about celebration and being proud of who you are, and wanting to share that with other people like you. 

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