Why “checking your privilege” is bullshit


I’m about to become Public Tumblr Enemy #1, but here goes.

This lovely little phrase that social justice warriors toss around like rice at a wedding basically amounts to this: if you have something that someone else doesn’t have, you’re not allowed to enjoy it. Here’s a few examples:

Born white? You should feel terrible! You’re a racist by default until proven innocent. The only way you can atone for your sins is by having white guilt.

Cis, or just plain happy with your body and/or identity? Fucking scum! Think of all the trans* individuals that suffer every day! (Oh, and if you don’t spend every waking minute fighting cissexism, you’re cis scum for that, too.)

And in the autism rights community: Allistic/Neurotypical? Ignorant allistic scum! You will never understand those on the spectrum. We’re SO superior to you. AND IT’S NOT OUR JOB TO EDUCATE YOU!!1one

It goes to ridiculous lengths. Are you employed, some people don’t have jobs, you prick! Going on vacation? Some people can’t afford vacations, asshole!

tl;dr if you have any kind of privilege, FEEL GUILTY. If you don’t, you’re scum.

That’s probably why the social justice community is so bitter. They aren’t allowed to enjoy life - and neither are you.

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