Will tumblr forget about Paranorman and go on with their lives? Study says no.

what’s wrong with people liking it though

it;s a great movie and people really liked it?? that’s how things work miguel

I’m talking about all the homophobia thing tho. I know tumblr is fighting for equality… or something… I think. But it’s like talking to a wall because all these people aren’t going to change their minds about gay people and stuff? It’s like talking to a wall???????????????

oh yeah that idk

i just think its all silly because the gay thing was literally THE PUNCHLINE TO A JOKE and that’s it

everyone made it seem like ah uge deal and when i saw the movie i was like “…that’s it?”

so i dont see why people should freak out over the fact that parents are losing their shit over this when in reality you should just laugh at them instead

also let’s not forget that Paranorman teamed up with The Born This Way Foundation and created + sold a pair of shoes where the entire price went to the charity SOOOO

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